So you are a musician,
But what does your sound LOOK like?

A chance to tell the story of you, your music, who you are, where you’re going, and what you stand for.
A brilliant band photo is one that captures the style and story of your music and expresses the characters of you as a musician.

You want to avoid the ‘brick wall’ scenario as it’s been done a million times. Brick walls are boring and predictable, and it’s not often how you want your band to be thought of.
It doesn’t take much more effort to find a different wall with a bit more colour or personality.
Contact me and we will look for your perfect matching wall 😉

Together we can get you the pictures you need.

You’ll need different types of photos for social media posts, your EPK, album covers, profiles, banners etc.
If you are serious about promoting your band, contact me and we will:
– Develop your unique idea
– Find the right setting
– Arrange your props
– Get stylists in to assist if possible
– Establish a solid concept
– We do it properly, don’t cut corners!
– and thank me later when you’re swimming in Likes.

I know budget is always a sensitive topic for you poor musicians.
I will get you priceless pictures starting at € 280,=

Fill in the form below and I will contact you.